Julie Bedell


Julie Bedell, MS, is in the 36th year of her public school teaching career as both a reading specialist and a K-8 classroom teacher.  Her passion for the science of reading was sparked when she was introduced to The Writing Road to Reading: The Spalding Method in her second year of teaching. Julie has seen countless students become confident readers and writers using this Orton-based instructional approach. In addition to her time with children, Julie is committed to staying abreast of the latest reading science by attending conferences and receiving addtional training in both linguistic and Orton-based methodologies. Julie shares her enthusiasm for the science of reading by leading classes for teachers on phonology, orthography, spelling, handwriting, and reading. As president of Read Washington, Julie is dedicated to helping other teachers learn the science of reading and put it into practice in their classrooms. 

Dr. Jan Hasbrouck


Dr. Jan Hasbrouck is an educational consultant, author, and researcher. She served as Executive Consultant to the Washington State Reading Initiative and as an advisor to the Texas Reading Initiative. Dr. Hasbrouck worked as a reading specialist and literacy coach for 15 years before teaching at the University of Oregon and later became a professor at Texas A&M University. Dr. Hasbrouck has provided educational consulting to individual schools across the globe, helping teachers, specialists, and administrators design and implement effective assessment and instructional programs targeted to help low-performing readers.

Dr. Hasbrouck earned her BA and MA from the University of Oregon, and completed her PhD at Texas A&M.  Her research in areas of reading fluency, reading assessment, coaching, and second language learners has been published in numerous professional books and journals.  She is the author and coauthor of several books including “Conquering Dyslexia”, “Reading Fluency”, “The Reading Coach: A How-to Manual for Success”, and “Educators as Physicians”, along with some assessment tools.  Dr. Hasbrouck works with the McGraw Hill publishers as an author of their “Wonders” and “WonderWorks” reading and intervention programs. She also enjoys her volunteer work at her grandson’s K-8 school in Seattle.

Amy Fleisher


Amy Fleisher, MIT, is a primary-grade reading interventionist working in the Seattle public schools. Prior to her work with fragile readers, Amy has had a varied teaching career, from working with preschoolers and their parents to providing corporate training. It wasn't until she was introduced to the science of reading that she felt she was truly making a difference in the lives of her students. As the daughter of a dyslexic father, the mother of dyslexic sons, and a dyslexic herself, Amy knows the power of science-based literacy instruction as both a reader and a practicing educator. 

Laura Cooper


Laura Cooper, M.Ed., is currently a reading interventionist in Seattle. Laura has taught the structure of the English language nationally and internationally since 1992, working in both public and private schools. She has worked with students of all ages, ranging from preschool through high school, and has had the joy of coaching teachers interested in the science of reading. Laura has implemented many different curriculums, both Orton-based and non-Orton based, and is skilled at delivering multi-modal instruction that works for all of her students. She is thrilled to be working with her ReadWA colleagues in helping teachers discover the science of how we learn to read and putting it into practice in our classrooms.