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Read Washington is a nonprofit organization established to provided professional development opportunities, based on the science of reading, so every student becomes a skilled and confident reader. Working together, we can prevent the unnecessary pain of reading failure.

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In the News

Seattle Times: What, exactly, does science say about reading instruction?

Katerine Long, Special to the Seattle Times

For the last 40 years, scientists across a number of disciplines have studied how our brains turn abstract symbols, or letters, into words — in short, how we learn to read. Full Story

Seattle Times: Revamping reading: Join conversation with and for educators about the science of reading 

Katherine Long and Anne Hillman, Seattle Times

How is this “science of reading” type of instruction different from what’s being used in Seattle-area districts? To help answer that question, we’re going to host a weeklong, online forum on The Seattle Times website. We’ll take your questions about how reading is taught, and pose them to some of the Pennsylvania educators who contributed to the Dec. 1 story and to local educators who are trying to make similar changes. Full Story

New group informs educators about the science of reading, teaching methods

Ashley Gross, KNKX

The most recent data from a national assessment show that only 39% of 4th graders in Washington state are proficient at reading. A new group formed by teachers in the Puget Sound region aims to improve that percentage. Full Story

What happened when schools used science to revamp how reading is taught 

Katherine Long, Special to the Seattle Times

Excerpt: “Teachers are hungry” for this information, said Julie Bedell, president of the new nonprofit ReadWA and a second-grade teacher at Seattle’s Coe Elementary, in an email.  Full Story

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We are excited to announce The Reading League has named Reading Washington as one of their mission partners. 

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