Read Washington is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization newly formed by local educators Julie Bedell, Amy Fleisher, and Laura Cooper, and national educational consultant, author, and researcher Dr. Jan Hasbrouck. ReadWA provides professional development opportunities, based on the science of reading, so every student becomes a skilled and confident reader. Working together, we can prevent the unnecessary pain of reading failure.

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New group informs educators about the science of reading, teaching methods

Ashley Gross, KNKX

The most recent data from a national assessment show that only 39% of 4th graders in Washington state are proficient at reading. A new group formed by teachers in the Puget Sound region aims to improve that percentage. Continue

Working Together

The Reading League is a nonprofit organization with the mission to bring evidence into practice.

Mission Partners

We are excited to announce The Reading League has named Reading Washington as one of their mission partners.